Monthly MAME

Monthly MAME

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CHF 30
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3 mths
CHF 90
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6 mths
CHF 180
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12 mths
CHF 360
CHF 30

Let us introduce the Monthly MAME. MAME is Japanese for beans, and this is the best of the best for coffee delivery services. 


We have been competing in coffee competitions at the highest level including 2 World Barista Finals and 1 World Brewers Champion in 2018. We are always looking for amazing lots that we would like to share with you with this subscription of 100 gr per month.


Emi Fukahori, the World Brewers Cup Champion 2018 will choose an exceptional FILTER coffee for you every month, together with brewing water and recipe - the complete championship experience.


Emi at the cup


We partnered with AQUACODE, a company based in Taiwan dedicated in providing minerals for making the perfect water for specialty coffee. It is a natural product developed to enhance the extraction of specialty coffee. It is a 100% pure natural and made of deep sea ionic minerals, the whole process is additive-free to ensure its naturalness.


One dose is included with the subscription. Simply tear the package and mix the concentrated liquid with pure water (0ppm). With that method, we ensure that you have the same experience as Emi brews it.


Our exclusive coffee will be shipped directly to your door each month, from here in Zurich. 


Here’s where things get interesting - the coffee’s origin and information will be hidden - and kept a secret - until you get a chance to taste without bias or preconceived idea of tasting notes.


We will later on release the full details of the coffee - complete with our own tasting notes so you can compare.


Here is how it works:

Option 1: Limitless, you pay every month 30 CHF, you can cancel anytime, no minimum duration, no hassle

Option 2: for birthday, gift or simply to try for yourself we offer 3 months, 6 months or 12 months subscription







For all the options, your subscription will start from NEXT MONTH of your purchase - for example, if you purchase in January, yours will start from February. Your coffee will be roasted and shipped at a beginning of the month. Don't worry, we will keep you informed by step by step by emails!